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Network Cabling

Do you need someone to install the cabling for a new or upgraded on-site network? Look no further, because Rapid Business solutions has been doing exactly that for a generation. Before we started offering IT support in 2000, we had already been installing cable networks of all kinds for a decade, and are one of the best established cabling specialists in the South.

Network cabling is a much trickier job than it looks, and one of the worst possible outcomes is for you to find out one or two years later that the job was poorly or sloppily done, or has no capability to expand when you need more capacity. That is why you need a team of truly experienced professionals to sort your cabling the right way the first time.

We have run network cabling of all kinds at hospitals like Marie Curie and many local surgeries, as well as at schools, shops, offices, warehouses and factories all over the UK. Whether you need cable laid in a harsh industrial environment or a modern school or office, we can help.

  • Fibre-Optic
  • Cat 5e
  • Cat 6
  • Coaxial
  • Telephone and Voice Communications
What is Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is a type of email server software that is used by many businesses in the UK. Exchange Servers provide more than just email – they also support company-wide address books, collaborative access to calendars and even web browsers.

How long does it take to set up a hosted server?

Usually only a few days, depending on exactly what it is you need. For more information, please contact Rapid Business Solutions today, and tell us how we can help.

Can I run several websites on one of your servers?

Certainly. There is no limit to the number of different websites or web pages you put on a server, but there are storage and bandwidth limits depending on your service package.

How can I access the data or applications you host for me?

You can securely log in to any of our hosted or cloud-based solutions form nearly nay internet-capable device, including desktop and laptop computers, smart phones and tablets from nearly anywhere in the world.